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The B&O did have a line into Shelby from Jenkins according to my sources. Don Mills
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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
April 27, 1911

Visit of President Willard May Presage Change of Ownership of Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio
The trip of Daniel Willard, president of the Baltimore and Ohio system, to the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio caused considerable comment in this city yesterday among those who profess to feel that there is to be a change in the management of the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio. A recent trip over the same line by Norfolk and Western and Seaboard officials, taken in connection with the trip of the president of the Baltimore and Ohio, gave rise to much speculation, especially in view of the fact that the Baltimore and Ohio is building a line into Kentucky where it will reach the property of the Consolidation Coal Company. It was rumored several times that there was an occasion a few months back when the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio would possibly have sold, but not at a sacrifice. The early opening of the Panama canal has somewhat changed conditions, however, with the result that the road, it is said, is not now anxious to sell, although it is unlikely that it would pass a good bargain by. As a part of the Baltimore and Ohio or the Chesapeake and Ohio systems it would be invaluable as a southern outlet and these features evidently have considerable to do with the visits of the foreign officials. The road has connections with the Seaboard and many men interested in the Seaboard are interested in the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio with the result that it is hardly likely that a sale will be consummated which will not be satisfactory to both these roads.
Whether the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio will be sold without some satisfactory arrangement whereby the Cumberland Corporation would be satisfied is another factor in the case. It is pointed out, and it is likely that the leases made by that company would have to be taken care of as well as the immense piers being erected at Charleston, S. C., by those interested in the future developments of the Clinchfield region.
["...especially in view of the fact that the Baltimore and Ohio is building a line into Kentucky...." A "fact" that never happened insofar as I know. The CC&O, later Clinchfield RR, came under joint control of the ACL and L&N instead of the Seaboard or the B&O.]

Gordon Hamilton


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