1930s wreck at Boyce

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Has anyone heard of a train accident at Boyce? I'd appreciate any details, or
ven just the year it occurred, to narrow my newspaper search.
Best wishes,
Frank Scheer
Usually there has to be a rules violation for the ICC-Safety Bureau
to investigate. They also made investigations for faulty track.
They're not as easy to come by, but ICC's-Bureau of Locomotive
Inspection investigated mechanical failures. I looked through
my list and found none for Boyce. Don't know what criteria ICC
used to send investigators, but in 1947, VGN Extra 509 West plowed
through an SAL freight at the Algren interlocking. It was never
investigated. Then during World War II, light engines passed the
home signal at Bridge 5 in Norfolk and went into Eastern Branch.
Four employees were killed. It, too, was never investigated by ICC.
Harry Bundy

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