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Bill and Jeff,

Thanks for your tribute and the pictures. While I prefer to think of the N&W as double tracked as it was in my youth, I recall the CPL’s at Lee (aptly named for General Lee who ended the War within five miles of that spot) from each time I travelled over Rt. 460 back and forth between western and eastern Virginia. I always looked at them to see if a train movement was lined up. And in very late steam days, the westbound Pocahontas came along headed west as we were travelling toward Lynchburg in a car………… and we were soon left behind in the smoke.

Ray Smoot

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Bill -

I sent you an e-mail earlier today regarding this very subject. NS didn't remove the signal, Mother Nature took care of it on Tuesday night. Yesterday I uploaded this 2002 photo that I took at Lee and the details of it's demise are included in the caption. Like you, my stomach churned when I heard it was no longer standing.


Here are a few other photos taken at Lee in recent years:


Jeff Hawkins

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I lost a long-time friend yesterday, one I have valued for over 40+ years.

On US 460 E yesterday, returning from the Archives, I passed a large group of white NS vehicles at the west end of double track at Appomattox. Much to my horror, they had removed the beautiful, stately twin-masted CPL that had protected that control point for, well, forever. Of all the N&W CPLs, that one meant the most to me. I checked it regularly in my travels and photgraphed it a number of times. It stood in such a way that other than in the dead of winter, the sun set behind it. Lovely.


Bill McClure

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