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Yes, my personal favorite was the Winston-Salem District northbound signal
next to U.S. 220 between Boone's Mill and the Roanoke-Franklin County
line. I shed my own tear this fall when it was replaced. Ah, progress.

Dave Phelps

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Charlie -

There are still alot of the CPL mast style installations in active
service. With regards to the Blue Ridge area, everything between Montvale and
Roanoke remains untouched. The only other signals within the NS Virginia
Division that have recently been replaced is Narrows. However I was told
recently that both the Blue RIdge and Christiansburg Districts are high on the
list for signal replacement in the very near future since the Heartland
Corridor and the signal upgrade on the Winston-Salem District have been
completed. Also expect all of the signals in downtown Roanoke to be upgraded
within the next 18 months.

Jeff Hawkins

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I was in Appomattox last night too and couldn't believe my eyes. GONE!
This was probably one of the most accessible signals of this type. I think the
one at Liberty (East end of Forest) is still there but not too accessible.
The one west bound into Roanoke near Blue Ridge was there Thanksgiving.
Charlie Long

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