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" I've extensively documented the CPL signals on the Valley Line and also on the Punkin Vine before they were finally upgraded earlier this year. "

On the Roanoke District years ago, after they went through and changed the intermediate signal locations, replacing them with the stick sgnals, all of the Home signals remained CPL's.
Before then, the south ends of Sampson and Lynnwood had spring switches and no Home signal southbound on the main line. A dwarf governed the sidings. At this time power switches were installed with a new stick signal for the main and one for the siding governing movements southbound.
So we still have a lot of CPL's left to see. It certainly is only a matter of time as the ladders already are unsafe and the masts are not far behind. I think all of the signal maintainers are using bucket trucks to work high in the air on these.

Jimmy Lisle
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