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Sun Dec 5 18:16:19 EST 2010

You might want to get those photos of your favorite CPL signal. We (NS signal gangs) have been replacing them at a fairly quick pace for the last few years on the Pokie Div. The latest to fall (last week) were at CP Wolf Creek Jct., WV. The next to fall (next week) will be at CP Naugatuck, WV and CP Marrowbone Jct. The Wolf Creek Branch will be getting a pole line elimination and facelift at the CPs. I have been meaning to keep an updated listing of retired CPLs, but they were going so fast, for a while, I didn't keep up. The cantilever signals were the first to go for the Heartland project. Now, the bracket signals are being retired.

A partial list of retired CPLs:

Allen St., Bluefield, WV.
N379.7 Switchback
Keystone EB CP sig.
CP Eckman WB Cant.
CP Farm one sig.
CP Wilmore cant.
CP Sandy Huff cant.
CP Iaeger all sigs in CP
CP Krolitz all sigs in CP
CP Panther all sigs in CP
CP War Eagle all sigs in CP
CP Rawl all sigs in CP
CP Sycamore all sigs in CP
CP Nolan one cant.
CP Panco EB Cp sig.
CP Wolf Creek Jct. all sigs in CP

They haven't forgotten the VGN side. Several of the SL sigs. were replaced as part of the pole line elimination/CP facelift last summer on the Guyandot River Branch. Most of the SL sigs. that were replaced were the auto sigs. between the CPs.

Larry S.
Lead Signalman Gang 677

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