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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 26, 1911

115,000 Pound Capacity Hoppers Carry Coal Over N. & W.

The Norfolk and Western owns 41,392 freight cars, not including work equipment. A few years ago the majority of this equipment would have been made up of 20,000 and 30,000 pound [capacity] cars for hauling coal. According to the last statement of the company the road does not own a single 20,000 pound car and owns but one 30,000 pound capacity gondola, which could be used for hauling coal.
During the last year the road acquired 500 all steel 115,000 pound capacity coke cars and 3,512 115,000 pound capacity steel hopper coal cars which are available for service.
Occasionally when the road is pressed for cars 40,000 pound cars are seen running over the line loaded with coal. During the past year, however, the Norfolk and Western disposed of the only 40,000 pound capacity wooden gondola coal car the company had in use and at this time it does not own a single wooden coal car of that type. In addition to this the company owns but eleven wooden hopper coal cars which have a 40,000 pound capacity, it having gotten rid of seventeen of this class of cars during the past year. These facts prove beyond a doubt that the demand at this time is for larger cars, capable of carrying a larger capacity and built to stand longer hauls and a greater degree of service.
[Some numbers were blurred on the microfilm. The best interpretations are shown.]

Gordon Hamilton
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