N&W Signal Statistics, Jan 1, 1935

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An interesting little 23-page, typewritten publication, "A Tabulation of Statistics Pertaining to Signals and Automatic Train Control as of January 1, 1935," written by Bert T. Anderson and bearing a publication date of June 1, 1935, contains a bit of interesting information on the N&W.

It lists for the N&W no staff system in effect and no automatic interlockings. The N&W had 7 engines equipped with "Automatic Train-Stop or Train-Control Devices" (perhaps for service over the RF&P ?) Under the "Automatic Cab Signal" tabulation, N&W is credited with 238.7 "miles of road equipped," 241.2 "miles of track equipped," and 62 engines equipped.

But the most interesting N&W entry is under "Remote-Controlled Power-Operated Switches and Signals in Service," where N&W is credited with 2 "Controlled Points" equipped with a total of 2 "single switches," 0 crossovers, 0 semaphores, 0 derails, and 8 "light signals."

Where could these two "Controlled Points" have been" Immediately, North Roanoke and Bluff (between Pepper and Low Grade Tunnel on the Radford Division) came to mind. That would account for the two switches, but how does one get 8 signals out of two single-switch interlockings? A single switch interlocking (such as would be located at the end of double track) would require only 3 signals.

Any ideas ?

I'll be happy to forward a PDF of Anderson's paper to anyone who requests it.

-- abram burnett
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