N&W in 1912-Bluestone Branch passenger trains

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NWHS's new publication "Bluestone - Norfolk & Western Branch Line" has 10 pages on passenger service on the Bluestone Branch. The passenger service was changed throughout the years as schedules were continually adjusted. The morning train from Matoka was not dropped until mid-1930. The 1924 time table listed 35 passenger trains operating on the Bluestone Branch.

The name Mora was listed on time tables until 1918 when it was changed to McComas. The community of Mora changed its name to McComas in 1904.

The next branch line book, "North Fork - Norfolk & Western Branch Line," should be available in time for Christmas sales.

Alex Schust

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 27, 1912

There is a movement in the Widemouth section which has the backing of a number of prominent men which may result in two more passenger trains leaving Bluefield every day, and in train No. 8 leaving Williamson an hour later than it does at present.
The plan as proposed calls for a new passenger train to leave this city following train No. 9 which departs at 6:15 a.m. The new train, it is proposed, will carry all the express for Pocahontas and the Widemouth section and will reach Wenonah about 9:00 a.m. It will, according to the proposed plan, work Goodwill, Mora, Giatto and the Wenonah hollows and then return to this city about noon, making all the branches on its way here. The plan calls for the train to lay here and take on the express for Bluestone Junction, Pocahontas and the Widemouth sections, after which it will follow train No. 1 out of Bluefield and again make the trip to Wenonah, touching all the branches, and then again return to Bluefield arriving here in the evening.
The plan, it is claimed, will do away with the necessity of keeping a hostler and car cleaner at Matoaka, where the train now lays over at night, and will also do away with the necessity of sending engines out to that point every five or ten days, in addition a better service will be given the Widemouth branch. Objections to the run are that it would cost more than the present system and that two additional trains each day between Bluefield and Bluestone Junction would delay the movement of coal.
The traveling men are particularly interested in a plan which would result in No. 8 leaving Williamson an hour later in the morning and arriving here an hour later. This plan, it is said, would do away with long waits which frequently delay the train which has to be passed by trains No. 9, and 15.
Railroad men, especially those in official position, scout [sic] the idea of the proposed new trains for Bluefield.
Gordon Hamilton


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