It's worse than we thought [Rail photography]

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Some politicians and police departments do think that their whims have the power of law.? Following the events of Sept. 11, I recall signs being posted along the Delaware River near Burlington NJ.? The bridge across the Delaware River is a vertical lift carring a public highway.? Nonetheless, the signs threatened prosecution of anyone who attempted to photograph the bridge.? Depending on where you live, it might be best to avoid the confrontation.? If you are goingto photograph trains or structures, be sure you're on public property; or have the written permission of the property owner.
Jerry Crosson

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When did photographers become the enemy? Why do too many cops
actually believe that taking pictures is a crime? Not just pictures
of trains but even pictures of cities. News photographers are being
hassled illegally.

Here is a news story in the October issue of Trains Magazine that
gets into the strange details, plus clear advice from experts on what
our rights really are and how to assert those rights.

Don Phillips

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