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I still have to meet with Norfolk Southern to coordinate the positioning of
the locomotives. NS has four tracks here but we are limited to two
available tracks.

I am banging my head right now trying to figure out what is the best way to
position the locomotives in pairs. Right now I am thinking of having the
NS GE first in line on the second track with the Conrail unit positioned
behind it. There would be space between the locomotives. On the first track
would be our 522 next to but slightly back from the NS GE to have a little
stagger. I would think the Conrail unit would be behind the NS GE since it
came along later. This would leave the Southern unit staggered also on the
first track behind our 522. I don't know if NS will have the locomotives all
facing forward but I will try. In the past we have had great success with
the locomotives facing East with the pedestrian bridge and the tall bank
building in the background.

Any "realistic" ideas would be greatly as appreciated.


Richard D. Shell

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Richard -
Do you by chance know if each locomotive will be photographed separately in
addition to the group photo? Sounds interesting but I'd like to know
some details on exactly what is planned. Hopefully they'll release that
information in the coming days.
Jeff Hawkins

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