what kind of car?

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I forwarded the note to a friend, Dave Hyer, who is a retired N&W/NS Trainmaster spent his entire career beginning in the 70’s in Kansas City after completing the Training Program out of Roanoke. He’s also a modeler and railfan. Below is his response to your inquire Bob.

JTTX 912050 assigned to Alcoa, Lafayette, Indiana for loading of aluminum extrusions, castings, and tubing, which were relatively lightweight things like streetlight poles. I believe there were some kind of cradles in the interior. N&W owned only the cradles and sides, which were, of course, aluminum. It may have been one-of-a-kind, I can’t tell, but there were no other JTTX’s assigned to Lafayette in the 1972. I have seen this car pass through KC, or one like it.

Ed Painter – Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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What kind of a car this is? An 89’ Trailer Train flatcar with 4 sides put on it to make some kind of a special gondola??

Taken about 1984 outside of Rock Springs, Wyoming, on UP trackage. The train was sitting on a siding . Would make sense it was some type of revenue car that far from home as opposed to a MOW car – but no obvious N&W reporting mark

- Bob Bowers

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