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On page 94 of the N&W Color Guide there is a picture of silver trailers with
BLACK hamburger herald. Rims appear to be silver, and the underframe and landing
gear appear to be black. Hope this helps.  Jim Nichols

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From INFO at N&WHS- Gary Rolih   Can anyone out there assist on an answer? 
My name is Doug Horton, and I am a Lehigh Valley modeler.  I am in the process
of creating the Apollo trailer-train in HO scale and I am building 2 Norfolk &
Western trailers for the train.  I need to know what color the underframe, rims,
and landing gear were on the silver trailers with the blue hamburger herald.  I
figured if anyone could help me it would be you guys.  If you can help me out in
any way I would appreciate it greatly.  I can't seem to find a good picture of
one of these anywhere.  Thanks for your help.
Doug Horton
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