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I'm a little confused. I was not aware that Pier 4 had a "kick back." Pier 5,
yes, but the hoppers for pier 4 were unloaded before the coal got to the pier.
It was carried to the pier in transfer cars.   Jim Nichols

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[This became Pier 4 which was placed in operation December 23, 1913, and lasted
until December 31, 1963, just after Pier 6 was placed in service.]

There were several interesting facts discussed about Pier #4 at the
Transportation Dept. retirees
luncheon yesterday.

Although the "official" retirement date of the pier was Dec. 31, 1963, there
were problems
"fine tuning" Pier 6, and Pier 4 continued to handle the overflow.

Most ironic, however, was an incident that happened on Pier 4 and I can't recall
the date. I
don't have a complete set of N&W Magazines at home to check it out.  You know,
worked there, how safety-minded N&W was.  H. B. Smith was General
General Division.  Pier 4 was having dumping problems and rather than delegate
to investigate and report, Smith went out on the pier in person.  An empty
hopper derailed
coming off the kick-back and Smith was killed.  Imagine having to file at CT-37
death and injury report) on a General Manager.               Harry Bundy
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