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Did they mention the last attempt to find a use for Pier 4? Someone
perhaps a marketing type came up with the idea of using the pier to dump stone
into barges or ships. The first shipment was less than satisfactory. They
tried to dump rip rap or armour stone. Needless to say the barge received
heavy damage to the bottom. That was the end of Pier 4.

Drs. Newman, Blackstock & Associates-
No, there was no mention of dumping stone from Pier 4. I can't say
what the advantage was,
but at the time the Chesapeake Bay Bridge- Tunnel was built, there was
a movement of rip-rap
that went to the former VGN piers to be transferred to barges. Most of
it came from a quarry
south of Emporia and was interchanged ACL to N&W at Jarratt and
brought to Sewalls Point on
No. 72. In one instance, the old NS ran a four-car stone special from
Neverson, NC to Norfolk
just to meet a deadline. Harry Bundy
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