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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 4, 1912

Singular Incident Occurred at Kimball Sunday Evening

A very singular incident occurred at Kimball Sunday evening, when a hobo dog which had been making his headquarters at Tobin & Curren's restaurant was condemned to death by a jury composed of railroad men. The dog bore a collar which had a small locket attached, and after he was condemned to be executed, it was decided to inspect the locket. An examination brought to light a pedigree enclosed in the locket and proved the dog to be the famous "Adam," known the world over as the famous hobo dog. He was in the Klondike in the spring '97 with a fellow by the name of Washington, according to the pedigree, going from there to San Francisco where he was taken on board the Mariposa and went on a cruise to the South Sea Islands, landing back in San Francisco in May '98. He was picked up there by a circus man and taken to New York state where he was for more than a year. He came to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, and it's not known just where he had been the intervening years. He was taken up by a Dutchman by the name of Phillips and brought to West Virginia in the latter part of 1911. His headquarters has been Tobins & Curren's restaurant until the trial Sunday evening. After it became known who the dog was he was taken to Williamson by a section foreman. He evidently deserved to be at the hobo convention in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, but it is the general opinion that cold weather prevented him from being present.
[And, it wasn't even April 1st.]

Gordon Hamilton
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