Early top mount double check valve

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Don't forget to look in Locomotive Cyclopeadias for these valves.
Presumably you will need the earlier versions to find the early check valve
designs and suppliers.

Gary Rolih

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The only possibilities I found in the database for drawings are:



Based on the drawing description, neither is for the check valve itself, but
they may be close enough to get a reference number on the drawing for the

Dave Stephenson


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Subject: Early top mount double check valve

Many of N&W's early version locos (E2, M, M2, K1, K2, K3, Z1) used a top
mount double check valve where the pipes entered the valve body from the
rear, rather than the sides.

Would anyone know who made this valve? Has anyone ran across a drawing of
this style of check valve in the archives?

Jimmy Lisle

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