Need Help ID'ing N&W Artifacts

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Appreciate the feedback, Gary.

Jeff Hawkins

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These would all appear to be 'shop made' or at least shop-marked with hand stamp lettering. As Abram mentioned the large tub is a dope bucket. The N&W did use a larger version without a cover and a smaller round version with a hinged cover that were both made by Diamond J or Johnson Manufacturing of Urbana Ohio. These had an "N&W" that was reversed embossed so that the letters stood upward out of the surface. Was this bucket a Roanoke Tin Shop product?

The pitcher could be for a lot of purposes, but, to me at least, looks like a pitcher for oil to be distributed or used in a machine shop for turning or threading oil- some task where a sloppy pour is more desirable than an accurate pour.

Adams wasn't known for railroad-purpose tinware like Johnson Mfg was. This could be for any number of purposes but was probably a shop item. What is notable is that it has no pouring spout.

Gary Rolih

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My dad recently purchased a few items of N&W nomenclature and I'd like to know if anyone can help identify them. We've got some ideas but I wanted to enlist the help of the experts. Any information would be appreciated. Photos can be found in this album:

Jeff Hawkins


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