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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 6, 1912

General Foreman at Williamson Shops is the Latest to be Called to a Higher Position
D. G. Cunningham, general foreman of the shops at Williamson will leave tomorrow for Salt Lake City, Utah, where he will accept a position as Master mechanic for the Denver and Rio Grande railway, adding another Norfolk and Western railroad man's name to the roll of men who have gone from the Pocahontas division, where they make railroad men, to a higher position in the railroad world. The list of Norfolk and Western men who hold high positions is best known to the local railroaders, who have seen men rise from the ranks to positions of trust in the railroad world.
Mr. Cunningham will be succeeded by A. E. Willard, of Crewe, Va., who in turn will be succeeded at Crewe by W. J.Yingling, of Portsmouth, Ohio, who will be succeeded by one of the foremen from the Roanoke shops. The change will be effective on Sunday.
It would be almost impossible to give a list of all the men who have risen from the ranks since the time the Pocahontas division offices were located in a box car at the Bluefield end of the New River extension, because many of the men grew up after they had received their early training here. The list of those who have graduated directly from the Pocahontas division to higher positions includes some of the best men in the service of the Norfolk and Western, Chesapeake and Ohio, Norfolk and Southern, Seaboard Air Line and Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio, while an occasional special car from the Illinois Central or some other line bears silent testimony to the thoroughness of the training the Pocahontas division gives to railroad men who aspire to something better, and who do not believe the man who says all the good jobs have been taken, but think there is always a big job for a big man who can hold it down and then build upon it while holding the job down.
Gordon Hamilton
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