Roanoke construction

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Tue Sep 11 21:48:28 EDT 2012

Looking down at the construction today I noticed an existing stairway
leading underground from the old passenger station "platform" between the
tracks. You can see it dead center in the Roanoke Web Cam with safety
tape strung around it to prevent workers from falling in, I suppose.

Now, I recall the old underpass beneath the tracks along Jefferson Street
from the Old GOB to downtown, but I don't remember an underground walkway
from the platform. What is this and how was it used in the passenger
era? My memory of catching trains as a boy was always of the old
concourse and stairs from above the tracks.

Also, work is beginning on the roadbed near Randolph St. Tower. Can't help
but think I should get some photos of the signals before they're gone.

We also had a view of yesterday's derailment over by the VMT, although
binoculars were needed. The three engines that were laying on their sides
are gone now, and it looks like they've repaired and cleaned up the track.

Eric Shelton
Atop the Wells Fargo Tower

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