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Thank you Dave.  You have great information there--are you associated with the

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The best I can determine, the CNN Rural Retreat shot is Link Negative NW1628,
which had Dallas and Mary Newman standing on the platform.  Link used two
cameras for the Rural Retreat sequence, so 1628 and 1629  were made at the same
time from a slightly different angle.  The same goes for 1630/1631 (no one on
the platform), 1632/1633/ and 1634/1635 (J. L Akers on the platform).

Dave Stephenson

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>Photo number 9 is an unusual shot at Rural Retreat.  I think it must be a setup

>shot for the famous "Birmingham Special Gets the Highball at Rural Retreat"

>because the train is exactly the same in both photos.  I think that might be my

>grandmother in photo 9, Callie Akers, wife of agent J.L. Akers.

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