Last N&W Steam at Monroe

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Mon Nov 5 20:47:15 EST 2012

Jim and knowledgeable others please:

Okay then, when was the LAST N&W steam changed at Monroe for those
thru trains? We've had some of this discussion at the Archives
previously without resolution but maybe we can figure it out now. Any
realistic ideas? Was it at the end of 1957 when the J class was
finally bumped off the Bristol- Roanoke-Lynchburg-Norfolk trains or
was it earlier?

We know Southern ended steam in the region in late 1952 or early 1953
and N&W did not permit the diesels onto its line until at least .....
1955 (?) or was it later.

Thanks for the discussions.

Bob Cohen

> Southern diesels began running through BEFORE N&W put diesels on their own

> trains in the summer of 1958. This practice continued. Why change engines at

> Bristol and Monroe?


> Jim Nichols


> I took the following question from the Southern Group and am asking if anyone

> could explain further?

> I've noticed that several of Southern and Norfolk and Western's joint trains

> like the Birmingham Special and Tennesean often had Southern power on the N&W

> portion of the route after the N&W became 100% diesel, was this normal and did

> all trains do this and does anyone have any info on why N&W's passenger GP9's

> were not used instead?

> James Wall

> Rural Hall, NC

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