Subject:,N & W S1a 0-8-0 , scrapping date ?

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Jack Fravert had one of the builder's plates from the #244. It was purchased at auction by Jerry Jacobson a numbeer of years ago. I have the plate from the next to last S1a built in my collection.

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september 1958

others werent scrapped till a year later, it was an early bird...dunno why.

from Princes pocahontas coal carrier book.

-Lynn Willer-

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Subject: N & W S1a 0-8-0 , scrapping date ?
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Can anyne tell what the scrapping date was for #244, the last steam locomotive built
in the US for a common carrier ? Any other information about it, such as a retirement
date, where it worked, and final location before being scrapped would be appreciated.


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