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Many of you, like me, know Jimmy Lisle from his many knowledgeable posts to this site. His knowledge of the history of the N&W and of more recent operation proceedures and practices, make him a truyly valuable member of our group. Even though I worked on Roanoke Terminal for many years, I never had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy. In the past few days I have heard nothing but praise for Jimmy because of his ability to run a great engine, and  for his congenial spirit. In other words, it was a pleasure to work with Jimmy. I'm sorry I never had that opportunity.
Jimmy's last run was bringing the Roanoke Chapter, NRHS Veterans' Day Special from Shenandoah to Roanoke last Sunday afternoon, 11/11/2012.
Attached is a photo of Jimmy (left) as he prepared to board the train in Shenandoah. The gentleman next to Jimmy is S.R. Winegard, Retired Road Forman of Engines, who promoted Jimmy to Engineer. I am presenting Jimmy with a Roanoke Chapter "trip shirt", and the "young man" on the right is Chad Jordan, engineer on the Pumkin Vine, who made his first Conductor qualifying trip with Jimmy and worked with him many times after that. Skip Salmon took the photo with my camera.
We congratulate Jimmy on his long and successful career on the N&W/NS and wish the very best for him in his retirement and look forward to many more posts from him on this site.
Jeff Sanders
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