Old photo of Rural Retreat

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Mr. Akers,
I have information that states the semaphore signals such as the one seen
east of the depot in the photograph were installed in 1918, so I agree with
your date of after 1920.

Ben Blevins
NS Signalman
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> We continue our quest to find out when the Rural Retreat Depot had its

> tower shortened. Some speculated that it was shortened when the depot was

> rebuilt (1868) after being burned by Union soldiers. Yesterday we found

> the attached postcard that shows the two-story tower AND several early

> 1900's automobiles. There had to be a remodel sometime between 1920 and

> 1949, so are there any records we can search to find out? Thank you for

> your help. PS we have a number of photos and a video of the 630 passing

> through on our website.


> Frank Akers

> www.theruralretreatdepot.com


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