Pokin' Along the Pokey on Memorial Day Weekend.

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Mon May 27 23:27:20 EDT 2013

Hey Gang,

First before I get started I would like to take a moment to remember
those men and women of our armed services that never made it home, and I
would also like everyone to thank any Veteran when you see one for
serving our country. If not for them none of of would be able to enjoy
ourselves as we do.

Now for the main subject. This past Thursday Mack Muir and I began a
weekend trip along the Pokey> We started by going to Kenova, WV and then
working back toward Williamson. Friday we spent the day between on the
Pokey between Ought-One and Williamson, and the Kenova District, west to
Prichard. Saturday we caught a few trains just west of Williamson,
before heading to the Elkhorn Inn where we just hung out with Sean
Hoyden. Saturday Night we helped Sean setup for his night flash shot at
Coopers. When one helps Sean plan and/or set up, and there is a decent
amount of trains you typically get a shot or two of your own with the
flashes. Sunday was a leisurely trip home other then catching 38Q with
the Lackwanna 1074 in the lead at Natural Bridge Station.

There are some general 3/4 wedgie shots, some artsy shots, and some just
plain random shots. I hope you enjoy and please comment with tips,
critiques, and just plain compliments as you wish. Any comment is welcome.

Here you go:



Nathan Simmons
trainman51 at gmail.com

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