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Seems that I remember that after getting a lot of coal empties back from
the NYC at odd places (Detroit on the old Wabash if I remember correctly)

The odd place that the U.S. Steel empties returned to the N&W was
Osborn, IN. at the IHB interchange. So PC raked in the revenue from
the loaded move and left N&W to handle the empty hoppers 350 mi.
back to Columbus.

AAR's Special Car Order #100 addressed disposition of hoppers
made empty on foreign lines. Boiled down, it stated that the
foreign road could deliver the empty to any connection with the
road owning the car OR it could be returned via reverse route of
loaded move. So PC abided by the AAR mandate when
empties were returned to N&W at Osborn.

AAR also had a directive covering empty box cars (DF loaders,
Hy-cubes, specially equipped cars were exempted). The
empty box cars could be returned to the owning road at a
connection BUT it varied from the SCO-100 by designating a
carrier to haul the empty back to the owner. On Norfolk
Terminal, for example, N&W was obliged to accept ATSF
box cars from any railroad and haul it back toward Santa
Fe land. The old NS was required to haul SLSF empty boxes
and deliver them to SAL at Charlotte. PC cars ? Well they
were delivered directly (or via N&PBL) to PC.

The N&W policy makers and the PC policy makers had a
Roanoke meeting to discuss other issues, but William Tyler
Ross took the opportunity to make mention of the hopper
handling with a PC representative, "OH, we're perfectly
within the scope of the SCO-100 !": Ross admitted that
PC was, then added that he'd be within the regulations of the
AAR's Special Car order - 90 if he arranged to have every
PC box made empty on the N&W delivered to the owning
road at Norfolk.

Do you see the significance of N&W's logic ?
Harry Bundy
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