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> If I remember correctly, the dispatcher would give a movement

> permission to "/make your move out of Forwarding Yard Track 6 and be

> governed by the signal at Park Street/". So, he is in

> un-signaled territory until he reaches Park Street. Therefore, the

> Nelson Crossover is not "within" the interlocking, but just west of it.

That would be true for the west end of the crossover. The east end
enters controlled territory on the "Old Eastbound Main".

Nelson Crossover came in very handy one year a day before Christmas Eve.
We were sitting in the forwarding yard waiting to leave when a
transformer blew sky high down at East end Shops and knocked the power
out throughout the entire yard. Randolph St. lost control of most
everything. I can't remember everything that transpired trying to get us
out of town. We had suggested using the Nelson Crossover early in the
mayhem to no avail. After a few hours of deliberation, that is what we
were told to do. That is the only time I ever used the thing. After
arriving in Shenandoah, we taxied home for the holidays. After coming
through the underpass at Shaffer's Crossing that night, it was very
spooky to still see everything completely dark as the power had yet to
be restored.

Due to its close proximity to the forwarding yard ladder, we did use the
dwarf signal to scare wet behind the ear Asst. Trainmasters as we left
out of the forwarding yard, telling them we just went by a red board.

Jimmy Lisle
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