Branch signaling continued

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The ongoing question here is if this signal needs to be a 2 head or a one

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> > If you wanted the engineer to know the turnout is set for diverging you

> > would have "Approach Diverging", but the next signal is full red. It is


> > advance approach. I understand using the approach indication, as long as

> > the engineer understands it, and the interpretation is correct. The

> > decision what that signal should show has a lot to do with the

> > circumstance. If that train ahead was actually in the next block ahead


> > would have the "Clear Diverging" indication. The point is if you are


> > this signal relate the turnout indictation, if not, you will not have a


> > head on it, only the the single head and can only show


> Lynn,

> Well, your model railroad is your model railroad. You can make up

> whatever signal rules you want for your model railroad and you may

> understand those. But, your clearly don't understand signals on the real

> railroad.


> Jimmy Lisle



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