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I do not believe it is due to the feed water heater that 2156 is out of
the running. From my understanding the reason 2156 is not being pursued.
Is that when NS had the Steam program the first time around they
approached the museum in St. Louis about 2156 and pretty much the museum
didn't want to work with them. Something about requiring insurance on it
that made ti to costly to move? IIRC


Nathan Simmons
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On 12/7/2013 08:34, NW Mailing List wrote:

> As I read about the various steam engines being restored, or planning

> to be, one thing I noticed is that all the possible candidates had one

> thing in common. NONE had a Worthington BL style feed water heater.

> Are they really that difficult to restore? I know that towards the

> end of steam on the N&W, the Y3's being used in yard service had them

> removed due to parts and maintenance issues. Is that one of the main

> reasons that 2156 isn't being considered? T&P has 610 with an Elesco,

> Most have Worthington SA style FWH, but I haven't seen ONE BL style on

> a restored loco.



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