Peavine cut back again and leased- T 51's last run.

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Gary, because the track is leased to Frontier, does this nullify the
downgrade to 10 mph or will Frontier have to operate at 10 mph?

Bob McKell

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The Cincinnati District- Portsmouth to Cincinnati was cut in 2003 at the
east end of Peebles Siding (under Ohio 32 bridge) and worked from Sharon
Yard (ex-CR) with a local train T51. Recently T51 would pull out to Peebles
to load bulkhead flats with company-owned untreated rr ties. Other business
was loading hopper cars at the granary in Winchester as needed and taking
box cars of paper rolls to a Chinette paper plate factory in the old Ford
plant at Afton- about 7 a week.

The Peavine was 25mph track and dark territory- it would take T51 two days
to make the round trip. The FRA recently wanted NS to perform track work or
the track would be downgraded to 10mph track. As a consequence, NS has
leased this track to Frontier who will operate from AFTON using the switcher
that used to be at the Winchester granary to haul cars from Clare Yard to
the Huhtamaki paper plate factory at Afton. The switcher was repainted from
the pale gray it had. T51 made its last run on FRIDAY April 25.

NS will still haul cars from Sharon to be set out at Clare Yard for Frontier
as well as hauling tank cars to Clare for QT Tank company. The contents of
these tank cars are distributed among the many chemical plants in the
Cincinnati area- P&G, Jergens, etc.

Supposedly, NS will cut the track at the east end of Afton siding. The ties
from Peebles (from local saw mills) will be trucked to Piketon on the
Columbus District to be loaded on the bulkhead flats on the short team track
near the fairgrounds at Piketon.

I would assume that Frontier will try to regain the granary business; the
track is still good for these heavy cars.

I would assume that Frontier will pick up and deliver loads to Huhtamaki
mid-week to late week this week.

Gary Rolih




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