Simmons Creek Branch

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                I can tell you it was still down, but inactive in 1982.



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You can still see the right-of-way on you left as you drive towards Welch. There are also remnants of the Buckeye Coal & Coke ovens on your left. There is also a concrete abutment from Booth-Bowen mine on your left.


Alex Schust


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Jim -

The only remnant I have ever found was where the branch crossed the Bluestone River at Freeman.  You can still see the bridge abutments on the east side of the gas station on Simmons Avenue where US 52 crosses over the river and Bluestone Branch.  


Jeff Hawkins

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In the Bluestone book (Schust, Cooper, Bowen and French), it states that the Simmons Creek Branch was "removed" in the mid 1980's.  Can anyone narrow this time frame down any further?  Also, are there any remnants of the line or the mines it serviced still around today?  The book mentions bridges 1211-18 on the main/West branch and 1223-27 on the East branch.  I was wondering if any of the abutments/masonary is still standing in or near the creek crossings?  Any concrete footings still left to indicate where the tipples stood? 

Jim Cochran


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