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Mon Dec 22 00:34:13 EST 2014

Jimmy Lisle asked:
> Does anyone know why the "Tender" archives cannot be accessed when 
> searching the archives online?

I'm not certain what you mean by the Tender section of the archives.
Starting from the ARchvies home page, are you:
- Clicking on the "Rolling Stock" link, then
- clicking on the "Steam Locomotives" link, then
- Changing the "Category" drop-down list from "Locomotive" to "Tender"?
- or Changing the "Type" drop-down list from "Steam to "Tender"?
and then getting no results?

If so, if because the combination of "Tender","Steam" or
"Locomotive","Tender" are not matching anything entered.

Instead, you would need to change the Category drop-down to "Tender"
and change the Type down-down to one of the "blank values.

Or from the main page, chooose the "Rolling Stock" link, then click the
"Search All Rolling Stock" link, then change Category to "Tender".

Or try this link (it's probably going to wrap):  

If I have incorrectly guessed how you're trying to search, let us know step
by step how you're trying to search. 

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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