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I think the "District" lingo (e.g. "Pulaski District") made its appearance after the December 1959 merger with the Virginian. 

Theretofore, territorial terminology for the Radford Division's routes had been "Main Line" and "Bristol Line." But when that portion of the VGN New River Division, extending between Kellysville and "South" Roanoke, was incorporated into the Radford Division, a third territory was added. Someone came up with the nomenclatures "Christiansburg District," "Pulaski District" and "Whitethorne District." 

So, if you want to be a real, ontologically true-to-the-tradition railroader, just refuse to use the term "Pulaski District." Call it the Bristol Line. 

A decade ago I did some searching and see how far back the term "Bristol Line" went. About the best and most consistent sources I could research were the Annual Reports. And in those, I think I found the term "Bristol Line" back to around 1900, or slightly there-before. If I recall correctly... 

It's time for a Commercial. (Or call it a "Rant," if you like.) The purity of the vocabulary has become increasingly polluted. Some people now call Engines "units," and apparently do not know any better. The news media bozos call Railroads "train companies," and they call Enginemen and Conductors "train operators." All He-Men of the Rails, cease and desist such nefarious neologisms, and use the classical vocabulary of our forefathers ! Away with all such weenie-talk ! 

-- abram burnett 
(such a curmudgeon that he still uses the telegraph...) 

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