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Seems that the F units have always been designated as such. EMD specified
them as "A units and B units" which validates the terminology. Since the
today's models use the same diesel-electric system to move the train they
are logically units also.


Mike Pierry, Jr.


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> I think the "District" lingo (e.g. "Pulaski District") made its appearance
>  after the December 1959 merger with the Virginian.
> Theretofore, territorial terminology for the Radford Division's routes had
> been "Main Line" and "Bristol Line."  But when that portion of the VGN New
> River Division, extending between Kellysville and "South" Roanoke, was
> incorporated into the Radford Division, a third territory was added.
> Someone came up with the nomenclatures "Christiansburg District," "Pulaski
> District" and "Whitethorne District."
> So, if you want to be a real, ontologically true-to-the-tradition
> railroader, just refuse to use the term "Pulaski District."  Call it the
> Bristol Line.
> A decade ago I did some searching and see how far back the term "Bristol
> Line" went.  About the best and most consistent sources I could research
>  were the Annual Reports.  And in those, I think I found the term "Bristol
> Line" back to around 1900, or slightly there-before.  If I recall
> correctly...
> It's time for a Commercial.  (Or call it a "Rant," if you like.)  The
> purity of the vocabulary has become increasingly polluted.  Some people now
> call Engines "units," and apparently do not know any better.  The news
> media bozos call Railroads "train companies," and they call Enginemen and
> Conductors "train operators."  All He-Men of the Rails, cease and desist
> such nefarious neologisms, and use the classical vocabulary of our
> forefathers !  Away with all such weenie-talk !
> -- abram burnett
> (such a curmudgeon that he still uses the telegraph...)
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