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Exact Date!
September 16, 1989. I happened across a picture of our train quite by  
accident tonight while purging thru Trains magazines!
It's those little victories in life.
Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA
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Ken, don't apologize, thanks for your  clarifications and the trip, and do 
it again. I confused two different  excursions and I'd pull the slides if it 
were only that easy. The charter  would have been lacking publicity and 

Grant  Carpenter

On 5/4/2015 1:26 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

Sorry Grant. The picture Mike had was actually my idea for a  trip, it was 
called by at least one person, Miller's Folly, as that person  (now 
deceased) thought it would never sell. Hah, sold out in less than three  weeks.  

It was a recreation, as close as could be reasonable done, of the  Arrow, 
in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the new  equipment 
in 1949. We used every available Arrow coach, no diner, but or  Tuscan red 
ex-GN No. 1148 stood in, and our round end observation ex IC No.  3305 
subbed for the overseas boat tail lounge cars. I specifically ask for,  no tool 
car, no auxiliary tender. 

It was a Walton turn in the morning, and Lynchburg turn in the  afternoon. 
And, yes, the drumhead was replaced with a Powhatan Arrow one I  made for 
the trip, and I think I still have somewhere. 

It was September of 1989, I don't have the exact date at hand, it was  
rainy that morning, but cleared the afternoon.

I probably have the consist and transportation orders in my files  
somewhere, but it was about 10 cars as I recall.

There was, along about that time a charter for some group to Radford,  
maybe some military or veterans group, I'd have to dig though my notes to  find 

Ken Miller

On May 4, 2015, at 12:51 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

Actually, I seem to recall a charter (beverage  distributors?) excursion to 
Walton. It was a rare (only?) excursion of the  611 with maybe five N&W 
coaches and the Mardi Gras. The first coach,  maybe two, may have had the 
original sealed windows and were coupled  directly behind the tender--no 
auxiliary tender, no tool car. An  exceptionally photogenic train on a cloudy, light 
rain, saturated color  kind of day, but with no publicity and no chase 
entourage. I seem to  remember the usual Roanoke Chapter drumhead (?) was 
replaced with the  Powhatan Arrow.

Grant  Carpenter

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