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Hello Everyone!
   Regarding this attachment, I know that quite a few of you will not be
able to make this tour/meeting next week on St. Patrick's Day.  However, I
do want to keep you abreast of the progress that's being made concerning
this grand project.  In my opinion, this type of success is key to the
calculated redevelopment of southern WV/central Appalachia.  Even if you
cannot attend, please feel free to contact me with comments/concerns and I
will take them to the meeting.  If anyone needs a ride, let me know.
   For those that are interested, here are some associated links:

Short Wikipedia entry

2015 Charleston Gazette story

National register nomination application

To our historical future,
Patrick Corcoran


Subject: Meeting regarding the Houston Company Store
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 10:23:37 -0500


Attached is information for a meeting we are putting together to discuss
the future of the Houston Company Store.  We would love to have you join us
if you can.  Also, if there are other folks in McDowell that you think
might be interested, please feel free to invite them.  We have invited
county commissions, legislators, USDA, Humanities Council, Jay Chatman,
Debbie Elmore, Kathie Whitt and others I can't think of right now.

Just let us know if you are coming or have others who will come with you so
we can plan for lunch.

Thanks much.  Hope you are able to make it.

See you soon.

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