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The question was asked about walking during the convention tours.
During the Coke Plant tour there should not be a excessive amount of walking.  My understanding is we will have a briefing at the plant office then go to a viewing platform where the process will be explained to us.  Next we will walk to the area where the finished product will be pushed out of the ovens.  The areas we will touring are close together so there will be some walking but nothing excessive.  For the mine tour if we go to a strip mine site I would expect very little walking.  If we go to the prep plant depending on the location I would expect some walking but nothing excessive. Over all I would not expect a lot of walking during the tours. Of course as with any tour proper walking shoes should be worn with no open toe shoes allowed.
 Remember the coke plant tour is limited to 34 people.  Hope this answers your question.  So come on and enjoy the tours with us.   
-Jeff Hensley.
2016 Convention Host
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