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In order to familiarize myself with the location of Ball's Hole, I
> consulted a Nov. 1, 1950, and a Jan. 1, 1987, Radford  Division Track chart.
> I believe the Roanoke River bridge that you depict is Br. 176 at
> approximate Mile Post N-275.7.  By contrast the 1950 chart shows a
> hand-written note, "Ball's Hole" at approximate Mile Post N-274.3, which is
> indeed the bottom of a dip.  Eastbound the grades in the dip from the track
> charts (a + grade would be downgrade eastbound and a - grade would be an
> upgrade eastbound) would be as follows on the two track charts starting
> with 0.0 at approximate Mile Post N-275.5 and continuing to 0.0 at
> approximate Mile Post N-273.2 (essentially Singer) making the length of the
> dip approximately 2.3 miles long:

​I got pretty much the same result with a 1970s chart and a 2008 chart.
There are three bridges in that stretch, starting with Br. 174-26'  1-26'
RC Slab over ​Mill Branch (the outlet from Spring Hollow resevoir), then
Br. 175-38'  2-19' Conc. Slab (over Cove Hollow), and Br. 176-172' 3-57'
DPG (over the Roanoke River at the old Green Hill sausage plant).

Bruce in Blacksburg

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