Where Was Engineering Station 0 + 00 for the Radford Division ?

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Engineering Stationing and Communication and Signal Stationing which are
frequently separate, usually bare no resemblance to Mileposts.  They are
actual footage, frequently with match marks where sections have been
removed due to line changes.  C&S and Track need exact footage measuring
systems of the railroad to perform their standard business functions.
There is likely maps in the archives that give a cross reference between
either of the stationing and MP, the cross reference will be different at
different places due to short or long miles.  Also Stationing may or may
not reset at division post locations.  Val Maps sometimes have stationing
on them as well.  C&S Route and Aspect Charts definitely have Stationing.

Your best bet to find the answer is to look in the archive or talk to a
current Division or System Engineering staffer.

John Rhodes

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> On 11/22/2016 10:31 AM, NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-List wrote:
> So I am extremely curious about the N&W's "starting point" for the
> distances given in Radford Division Time Tables.  Has anyone seen
> information which might give a clue?
>  *The timetable plainly states that the Christiansburg Dist. starts at MP
> N-257.4*
> Jimmy Lisle
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