Dora, Crozier, Radford, Salem, Beuna Vista Furnaces: Quid est?

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What became of the blast furnaces at Dora, Crozier, Salem, Beuna Vista & ?

The first attached PDF, lifted from the 1902 Moody's Manual of Corporation
Securities, shows that they were all aquired in 1899 by a company called
Virginia Iron Coal & Coke, headquartered in Bristol. Interestingly CI&C
also had control of the Virginia & Southwestern RR at Bristol.

The second attached PDF is a thesis written in 2011 by Patrick Dickerson at
James Madison University, dealing with the Virginia Iron Coal & Coke. The
thesis shows that the iron business of the company failed within two
decades, and that the company limped along by leasing its coal lands,
finally being acquired by anoter entity in 1969.

The siding books of the 1960s showed sidings owned by (or perhaps "formerly
owned by") Virginia Iron Coal & Coke. One of them was near "Furnace
Crossing" (go figure!) I do not recall where the other ones were.

Raymond B. Barnes' 1968 "History of the City of Roanoke" is not well
indexed, and I do not have time to dig out from it the details of the end
of the West End Furnace (Rolling Mill) in Roanoke.

BTW, there was an excellent trade publication called "Iron Age," which
covered quite well the comings and the goings of the various small iron
producing companies. I believe most of the Iron Age volumes are now
vailable on Google Books.

-- abram burnett

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