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A quick summary.  Let's limit ourselves to after N&W bought the Virginian
and before the merger with the Wabash and Nickle Plate.

Former Virginian locos - Fairbanks Morse road switchers, four axle model
H16-44 and six axle H24-66 "Trainmaster".  Mostly still Virginian yellow
and black, but some repainting into N&W all black.

N&W - some Alco RS-3s, black; a LOT of EMD GP-9s, black, in the later years
of that period some GP-18s and some GP-30s.  A good number of ALCO RS-11s.
The purchase of a few newer ALCO models like RS-27 and early Century series
may have taken place in this time period, I'd have to research that.
Everything black in this time period.

The NWHS web site and a Google search would also help flesh out answers to
your question.

Good luck!

Dave Phelps

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> Hello
> Can someone tell me what model diesels N&W used during the late 50's and
> early 60's?  Also, what paint scheme did they use?  I was a young boy at
> the time but only remember black.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jack
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