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John,  I know that the other plate exists and I cannot remember who has it.  I saw it at the Plate Collectors meeting a number of years ago in Roanoke.  I know that he had been involved with the NS steam program back in the 1990’s.  I have had my plate for many years.  I got my plate from Ray Kenley who got it from a Mr. Baker in the Baltimore area.  Some of these plates did a lot of traveling over the years.  The plate is a highlight of my N&W steam plate collection.


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Ron, Thanks for sharing. Do you know if the other 600 plate still exist? What do you figure “EOT” stands for on the edge?   John Garner, Newport VA


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The #600 builder’s plate is one of my favorites and I have had it for many years.  My son wants it some day and he only wants a few plates from my collection!  I am enclosing some photos of it.  I wish it could talk!!!




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