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You didn't ask, BUT . . . . .I compared coal analysis from
the Thacker District with that of the Virginian District and
it appears maybe Virginian got a little more "bang for the
buck".  The minimum BTU per lb. from the 12 seams 
averaged 14,100.  The premier seam was Pocahontas #3
(near Matoaka) on the Pocahontas Mine District BTU per lb. 
ranged from 14,400 to 15,200 and Ash content was 4-7%.

In order to narrow BTU content to one mine, I asked Tom
Marshall if the coaling facility at Elmore received coal directly
by belt from one mine (Itmann maybe), but he said "no", but
that mine shifter fueled directly from the tipple at Glen Rogers
and Kopperston.

And concerning locomotive coal from on-line sources -- even
into the 1920s, Norfolk Southern Railroad had a subsidiary
company in the Egyptian field of North Carolina (near Sanford)--
Cumnock Coal Mining Co.  The NS Road Foreman of Engines
noted that just one lump of Cumnock coal packed all the BTUs
of  a day-old cow pie.                               Harry Bundy

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