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I think this demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of steam locomotives to modification. That this was all done effectively in-house further underlines this point. Try this sort of thing with large, complex and expensive diesel loco.

Interesting to speculate what a steam successor to the Y6b might have looked like and how it might have performed. Ditto the A’s.






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The Y6b's were the first Y's to have the Worthington SB feedwater heater, requiring as extension of the smokebox on the front. The "oval" shaped smokebox door appeared on only the first 17 Y6b's, and came about because of the recess at the bottom to clear the front cylinders and to provide a place for the hot water pump. Later, 2177 was modified with a deeper smokebox front and a new place for the hot water pump. The experiment was successful, and all later Y6b's followed this arrangement, giving room for the round door which had been standard on previous Y's. The other 16 Y6b's were retrofitted to match the last 13.

Interestingly, 2177 did not get the round door when first modified. The smokebox front merely had an extra section welded to the bottom, Later, the 2177 got a new front with a round door, but it was one of only two Y6b's to never have the smokebox sheathed, and it differed from all other Y6b's in the shape of the side recess for the hot water pump.

Jim Nichols.


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Looking at the latest Arrow pg l9 at Y6b 2180 & noticed the oval shaped smokebox door and just wondered if that was typical of just the Y6bs. Saw lots of them when they were running but didn't pay close attention to that feature. What other features were typical of only the Y6bs? Ron Hash

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