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My long-term GOB East archives project involves indexing the extensive
correspondence files of N&W president L.E. Johnson. Every so often I run
across a file that offers some interesting insight into happenings on the
railroad 100 years ago. Some info has led to or will lead to Arrow articles.

In box 18, file 591-2 is a batch of letters and reports on "Additional
Forces - Increase in Salaries" that range from 1912-1917. There was an
11-page report from the Comptroller, dated October 11, 1916. The first part
of the report listed "Officers and Employes Receiving $2,000.00 Per Annum, and
Over, as of October 1st, 1916." The second part listed "Employes and Agents
receiving $1,500.00 and under $2,000.00 Per Annum, as of October 1st,
1916." The report listed the employee, his or her position and department,
and the monthly and annual salary.

The employees run from President Johnson and various other officers to
clerks and agents to engineers (signal, construction, etc.) to
"despatchers" and other division positions to shop foremen. The details
aren't overly consistent (not everyone has a location included) but it is
an interesting snapshot of who was running the railroad just before the
breakout of WWI.

I sliced and diced the list and dropped the info into a database. See
http://brucebharper.info/nwrwy/employees/index.php to view the list in
various forms and to search names. If there is another view that someone is
interested in, let me know.

The scan of the report is to large to attach but is available on my website.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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