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While looking at Google maps prior to our trip to Virginia, I found a little detour from I-77 on Route 112 Ingleside exit 3 miles south of 460 at Princeton WV. Lots of double track along the river and a single track on a good grade to go over a high trestle near Oakvale. We stopped for a while at the Oakvale Depot. There are four bridges across the road as the tracks meander and the clearance is 10’6” so leave your semi at home. One bridge is a lot like the Franklin Road bridge in Roanoke but with two spans. This is the beginning of the grade over the high trestle. There are N&W logos in the abutments and the center pier is connected to the riverbank retaining wall.When you get to the end of Goodwins Chapel Road it is a T with 460 with no merging lane. The speed limit is 65 so allow lots of room before you pull out. 

Mike Shockley 
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