Elkhorn and Flat Top tunnels

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They are the same. The Elkhorn Tunnel was also called the East Tunnel and
the Coaldale Tunnel at different times.


Alex Schust.


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I am woefully lacking in the knowledge of Virginia geography and more
specifically the area covered by N&W tracks (but I'm learning). I'm
researching train wrecks on the N&W, which my great-grandfather mentioned,
and came across newspaper articles from 3-4 Feb 1893, that were in two
different papers on the same date that describe the same accident but use
two different names for the location of the wreck and ensuing fire.
Question: can the "Elkhorn tunnel" and the "Flat Top tunnel on the Elkhorn
Division" be one-in-the-same tunnel?  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Peter Getz



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