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  I made no such plans nor am I planning on the behalf of others. The NSHS made the initial plans and invited our members which I only announced. Thanks.
Todd Arnett Director, NWHS 2018 Convention Chairman 

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Todd If this is the case . It should just be dropped from the convention this is the NWHS convention not the NSHS convention . I am sure we have some dual members but to be make plans for a different organization make no sense to me.
Larry Evans

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-->All,   Due to liability concerns and the potential large attendance, the AC&W tour on Saturday May 19th is for Norfolk Southern Historical Society members only.  It is with regret that I have to announce this but the AC&W was wanting proper head counts last month and they had concerns regarding proper parking for those attending. We understand their position and hope the NSHS has a great time. Regards, Todd ArnettDirector, NWHS2018 Convention Chairman________________________________________
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