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Good afternoon,
I have recently come across a nice copy of an S1a tender from the Roanoke shops. It's in really good condition, darkened on the edges and the last revision date was 1955. The size is large - about 7 feet in length. The tender body is shown in all views and maps to other drawings for truck and wheel assemblies. It is folded in a stiff envelope and was mailed to someone in Akron, Ohio way back before zip codes. Would the Society benefit from having this item scanned? I would think you probably would have a copy, but I wouldn't mind meeting someone the next time I'm in Roanoke and having someone look at it and scan it if you would like to.
I'm doing a series of not-too abstract paintings and using old railroad blueprints for the base. Don't worry though. I'm using light washes and everything on each blueprint I use is still visible underneath! I'm reserving the S1a blueprint for something special - if anything at all.

-Tracy Foutz
Formerly of Roanoke living in Cairo GA

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